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  1. Is heat shrink wrap better than other packaging methods, such as stretch wrap and strapping?
    It offers better protection against dirt and moisture, while preventing product shifting, damage, loss and theft. Pallet loads and equipment are totally covered, unitized and secured for harsh transport and rough handling.

  2. What is better to use shrink pallet bags or shrink sheeting?
    If you are wrapping the same size or similar sized items or pallet loads, shrink bags work better - they are easier to apply and heat shrink, using less time, labor and also there is no waste of material. If you are wrapping different sizes, custom and irregular-shaped pieces, such as equipment, machinery, boats, crating etc. shrink sheeting is a better choice. Shipping volume and speed will also determine which type will work best for your protective packaging application.

  3. In addition to the shrink materials and the Shrinkfast system that I chose...What accessories or aids are recommended?
    *Thermo shrink tape is ideal for patching, joining and overlapping sheets together for welding and closure.
    *Hull (preservation) tape is used for direct shrink film to product (i.e. boats & machines) for anchoring...leaves no adhesive behind.
    *Extensions/Arm-clips are used for hard to reach areas and operator safety & comfort.
    *Roll Dispenser cart for organizing materials and portability to wrapping locations in the plant.
    *Vents are for air flow circulation on boats or products shrinkwrapped and stored outdoors.

  4. Which Shrinkfast Model should I choose?
    *The Model 998 is hands down the choice for the best overall shrink wrapping experience. It is light-weight, ergonomically designed, and offers the widest (18") heat pattern making shrink wrapping quick, easy and economical.
    *The 'Original' Model 975 is still available and is well suited for pallet load shrink wrapping and smaller equipment.
    *The new Model MZ is ideal for low volume shrink wrapping applications. It was specifically developed for the D-I-Y homeowner and small business owner to protect assets such as outdoor patio furniture, lawn/sports utility vehicles, boats, export shipments and packaging of parts.

  5. Will I need instructional training on how to heat shrink wrap?
    Shrink wrapping has been around for over 45 years and most people are familiar with it's use and purpose. It is straight-forward and fairly easy to do. To see actual users in action, please see our videos on this website and hundreds of other videos are available by visiting . Here is a quick guide of shrink wrapping steps for your review: Once the shrink pallet bag is placed over the load or the shrink sheeting is placed over the machine/boat and attached....the next step is easy. Starting at the bottom apply heat around the perimeter "locking the shrink film to the item". Next, use even consistent strokes - back and forth - across the surface of the film as if you were spray painting, always moving forward to the top, until you are finished. Heat initiates the process, then while the material cools it contracts/conforms tightly around your product. Like any operation at home or work use caution and common sense safety rules.

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